The path(s) to and around your home serve many purposes with their function and form.  They extend a welcome for visitors, guide you on a journey around your property and enhance curb appeal.  Your patio is the ultimate destination for outdoor living.  This area will set the mood for the entire yard.

Design of these two features should compliment each other though they need not be constructed using the exact same materials or colours.  Combinations of natural stone, wood, metal and precast concrete can work together to create a unique space.  Colour, texture, size and layout must all be considered in the design process.

During the design process and before construction begins, consider any other elements that you might enjoy.  What is important to you?  Lighting, hydro outlets, propane or natural gas lines, water?  Often times the budget will get in the way of the Dream so advance planning for elements that can be added later is essential in the design.