More than 30 years ago the first extruding machine for decorative curbs was invented.  This little machine allows us to create a continuous (one piece) border in almost any shape and length a person could want.  The process is completely customized to meet your specifications.  That is, you choose the profile (mold), the colour and the pattern on the curb, and the path that it will take on the ground.  We do the rest...right there.

The procedure is simple.  Mark where you want the curb to be.  Remove the sod where the curb will sit.  The concrete is mixed on the spot with the colour mixed right in.  We run the concrete through the extruder to form the curb, trowel it smooth, and add the pattern.  The final steps are to cut expansion joints (just like a sidewalk), seal it, and clean up.  The concrete will be fairly hard within a few hours but will take a full 28 days to cure.